..For the time being.

Finally gotten a grip with reality…if a little too late. But, as I always say..Better Late Than Never.

All prayers/luck/good wishes/ are appreciated …(need all the help I can get) =)

DP…has left the building



24 Responses to Closed

  1. eshda3wa says:

    goodluck babe!

  2. eldctora says:

    good luck!

    study well!

  3. Stand-Alone~ says:

    All the best.. i will miss you my twin!
    good luck in your studies..
    you will be in my prayers..

  4. project kenya 2011 says:

    Good luck!

  5. Mix says:

    Going into study isolation mode ? I remember it well ! Best of luck with everything.

  6. eleventhst says:

    Gooood luck!! I hope you do great!!

  7. Cooookiez says:

    gooodluck babez;*

  8. borzaiga says:

    goodluck F oo inshalla you’ll do your best

  9. K.D says:

    COME ON!!

    what reality?!
    there ain’t any reality with no dreams and imagination!!

    think bout it!

  10. Nutter says:

    Good luck with everything girl.. can’t wait to have you back DB, erm, i mean DP :P~


  11. Candy says:

    inshallah u will do well! gurl!

  12. Nani_37 says:

    all the best D.palms 🙂

  13. Hottie says:



    I just got back 😦

    Baby came back!

  14. Gatto999 says:

    Buona Fortuna !…
    In italian is Good Luck.


  15. Ahmed says:

    I hope this is only temporary.
    Good luck !

  16. even sweeter says:

    Walla you’ve been missed! ALOT! ;*

  17. looolaaa says:

    its me lola .. missing u

  18. Ahmed says:

    You have been missed.

  19. Amu says:

    Helloooo..will u ever come back to this world again?

  20. borzaiga says:

    are you alive? we miss your lovely spirit and topics

  21. Standy says:

    come back already =(

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